Below are some of the top sellers in the cleaning line.

MelaPower 6x Laundry

96 Loads - Amazing scents, super-concentrated, safer for your clothes and home! MelaPower is 6x concentrated and outperforms other brands, all without the use of caustic chemicals!

Retail Price: $25.00
Loyalty Price: - $17.49
10 Points

EcoSense Kitchen Pack

Includes Diamond Dishwashing Packs , Lemon Brite Dish Soap, Tough & Tender Wipes and Sol-U-Guard Botanical. Sol-U-Guard is EPA-approved botanical disinfectant, powered by thyme oil and citric acid, kills over 99.9% of common household germs—no caustic chlorine bleach or quats required.

Retail Price: $34.00
Loyalty Price: - $23.79
13 Points

Safe & Mighty Toilet Bowl Cleaner

This safe, yet effective toilet bowl cleaner, powered by organic cleaners (like citric acid) instead of harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach, leaves your toilet bowl looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Retail Price: $9.00
Loyalty Price: - $5.69
3 Points

Sun Valley Air Fresheners

Created with extremely high standards, without any harsh ingredients, they release their fragrance quickly and intensely. The scent lasts for up to four hours! They deliver that extra burst of fragrance that you love in your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen—as well as refresh your linens and home fabrics.

Retail Price: $9.00
Loyalty Price: - $5.69
3 Points

Rustic Touch Furniture Polish

With natural carnauba wax inside, plus naturally derived conditioners, this furniture polish protects and conditions wood, vinyl, and leather while giving it a beautiful, lasting shine.

Retail Price: $8.00
Loyalty Price: - $5.69
3 Points

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What our customers are saying about the products..

My favorite feature is the "no safety caps"! Being a mom of 3 girls, it's so comforting to know that if any of the kids got into our cleaning products, we never have to worry.

Stacy K., Michigan, USA

My first born was severely allergic to toxins in the home. I had no idea. Sadly, she was very sick her first 3 years of life. After converting my home to these wonderful products, she was able to stop taking her medications and breathing treatments and is the healthiest kid I know. I am so grateful.

Jennifer B., Texas, USA

I have Lyme disease and extreme chemical sensitivities and would be so sick and bed ridden for days after cleaning my house. Since switching to the Eco Sense brand, I have the ability to clean for hours and haven't had any issues or reactions at all. I'm so thankful I found these products!

Sara K., New Hampshire, USA

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Julia Rostek